Friday, August 23, 2013

Service makes your trials light 08/19/2013

 If there is anything I have learned this week is that the when you are in the service of your fellow men you take over yourself the yoke of our Lord which is light. Forget yourself and go to work makes things worries fall away. As one serves they can see that the trials become quite manageable. One visits families and sees the trials that they may have as divorce seperates a family, with a future unsecure. Or a child who has walked down paths and don't want to come back. You become grateful for the great blessings that the Lord has given to you, and what knowledge could be better than knowing that the family is forever through the Priesthood which was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
I thank you all for your support- know that I'm fine- that I feel at ease.

Lorenza Guerra shall be baptized this weekend that is coming up. 

Have a Wonderful day- because the Lord lives, and through Him we shall all live. 
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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