Monday, March 25, 2013

Wow how time flies

     Once upon a time I remember I was entering the MTC and being brought from building to building and as I was waiting in line for something a Sister missionary came up to me and with lots of excitement, shook my hand saying, "Welcome to the MTC Elder Gillespie!" it caught me off guard to the point it took me a second to recognize Sister Graham. The point is that we were in the MTC together for a short period before she left to the field and now I have heard that she has finished her mission and is at home. That makes me feel quite old as a missionary. The MTC does feel like a very very long time ago nevertheless if the Sister Missionaries that I started with are going home now means that I don't have very much time left here. 
      So it's transfers and both Elder Miranda and I are staying right here in Mejillones and It's still a lot of work, however we organized a lot more the classes for Sunday and it went much smoother. Dividing the primary into two classes makes a HUGE difference, because they can be taught according to their ages a lot more, and can express more love for all of them because there isn't so many. (thumbs ups)  
      We had a mini- conference this week with President Bruce which was nice to sit and just hear and learn instead of trying to teach. Elder Miranda along with all of the other new missionaries presented themselves, and we have a lot of news in Antofagasta and Calama and a lot of Sisters. In the conference we studied Alma 8 and the verse that stuck out to me was 15 saying lift up your head and rejoice. My thoughts went to DyC 88:67 and keeping our thoughts and eye to the glory of God. 
      Friday I subbed for the Seminary teacher- I don't know what is harder to teach, youth classes or Primary. 
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

Monday, March 18, 2013

En Mejillones yo tuve un amor...(some song about here)

Last week I ate the first Hamburger from McDonalds in a very very long time. (It was so good) People the food you have in the states is amazing! 
Thursday I did two baptism interviews for Elder Moltó and Elder Condorí we had a good spiritual experience together. 
There are so many things happening right now. Elder Miranda and I are just trying to keep the branch a float. 
The Stake President came yesterday which was nice to see some people from the stake, He came to call Hno. Carvajal to be Branch President but Hno. Carvajal had to work. So it continues with Pres. Cofre for the moment he's going for 13 years as President. We had 41 people in church! that was fantastic, I was excited although about 10 of them were from Antofagasta but it was still a good number. Neythan Carvajal was baptized and it was beautiful. I played the piano and learned to play a new song. (I love the look for Rainbows - that primary song) 
Right now in our branch Elder Miranda teaches the youth class and I am teaching the Primary with the help of a less active that we have been reactivating. There is a lot of drama in the branch which is lame and sad because people lose their amino and then their faith. Trying to keep things running smoothly in the church and that members calm down and don't explode at one another. There are moments were I feel like everything is falling around me, and others like right now where I feel much calmer. That we're doing a good work. I often forget that Elder Miranda has less than a month in the mission, and just ask him to do and teach this and that and complete this work. He does it and does it well, as well there are times when the youth unsupportable for him. Yesterday I learned how MLS works more and how to do the finances of a Branch. The church is so cool with all if it's programs that work perfectly.
     These weeks have gone by so quickly and it's exhausting, but I feel good. You're always welcome to come and visit. Just keep following the Spirit all will be well. 
Thanks for reading 
 People Tell me when you are going on missions! I want to know!
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
Elder James O. Gillespie

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Onward

Well this week we traveled to Antofagasta twice, once for a district meeting and twice from a mini- conference that we spoke about March madness competition this year. Seminary and school started this week in Chile, because we have summer when all you people on the other side of the equator are enjoying the cold and the snow so we just finished our Summer vacations and surprising how quickly the weather has changed colder here. Now the wind that comes blowing through the city is quite cold or I'm just a wimp now in regards to cold, but Elder Miranda says it's cold as well so I don't feel that bad. 
     School here starts at 8 and goes until 2ish then they have an 1 1/2 break for lunch and then they go back until 6 at night some of them. It's a lot of time that they have to do in school so count your blessing that school isn't school so long. 

      Seminary is in the evenings here and it is difficult to get people to come because people just don't have the same background as they do in the church, the majority of the youth here are recent converts and/or less actives that have just barely started coming back again. 
      I'm still teaching Primary with Bro. Wellington. 
 This is the beach here Mejillones, beautiful no? 
 Congratulations to all those people receiving mission calls and leaving on mission. 
Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
      Elder James O. Gillespie

Monday, March 4, 2013

This week in Mejillones

a new Elder started his mission. Elder Miranda from the south of Chile arrived Tuesday evening in the Antofagasta Chile Airport and arrived in Mejillones late Tuesday evening. (Photo included) A lot like me in many ways that the begining of the mission. Mostly not sure what to do because he want's to be perfect but you just got to do it and you'll learn that way. It was amazing to be present as Pres. Bruce made the assignments of who would be whose companion just to watch his eyes as the revelation came.  He is one of the 18 year old missionaries, from when he received his call to his reporting day was about 3 weeks. Fresh out of high school, and I made him work hard Sunday that he taught the class with the youth as I helped in Primary again. 
 Saturday we cleaned the chapel and after we play soccer out back and I made about 4 goals it was exciting. 
 Craig L. Dalton will be our new Mission President in July. 
 I completed 16 months Saturday
 and It's march madness in the mission again. and we made it past the first round. 
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to.
      Elder James O. Gillespie