Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pozo Almonte

This week flew but at the same time the beginning of the week feels like a month ago. Crazy how that all works out.
Well a little bit of bad news- March Madness, I was a little prideful and as we learn from the Book of Mormon over and over again that once we become prideful we have need to be humbled. We didn´t make it beyond the first round. However, there is a loser bracket as well but I haven´t seen a copy of that at all so we will see how things turn out. :)

Monday night all of the new gringos, either this is their first or second cambio, had the chance to go to Antofagasta for a conference with President and Sister Bruce. It was a fantastic experience to see all of the other 7 missionaries that came with me to Antofagasta and express and talk about our successes, hardships, and everything in-between, because we all come from more similar backgrounds and have similar emotions and feelings about our mission here in Chile right now and how we want to improve, and as well all in English, what a relief. President Bruce presented his complete vision for the Chile Antofagasta mission and asked as all, ¨What do you want to be famous for?¨ He explained how our mission is to save souls and how he sees us doing it.
     After lunch we had the chance to have a question and answer with President which was fantastic, we all laughed together and if any of you become Mission Presidents I strongly recommend having this meeting, just saying.

Today for Prepartion day we went to a Ghost mining town called Humberstone near Pozo and you have to be careful when you dunk on old basketball hoops.

I´m loving studying the scriptures they really have tons of knowledge that I wish I could get more of.

Have a Wonderful Day - because you can choose to

Elder James Gillespie

P.s. I didn´t break the hoop.

Congrats to Timpanogos Ballroom Go Sterling
Congrats to Kike and Phil with their team.

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