Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy March

So with it being March that means ¡March Madness! Let's play some ball!
Although we don't watch the games Mission Chile Antofagasta is having their own MCA March Madness, and we are all in it to win. But Pozo Almonte will really win. hmm...we have a bracket and all but I don't have a digital copy of it. Ah well Pozo Almonte was ranked 2nd so we are up against a 15. (We'll have the results tomorrow for round one)
   Anyways a little more from the beginning. Pres. Bruce loves basketball, he played for BYU-Hawaii, I believe, and competition runs in his veins. So this month for motivation he has created for us MCA March Madness each sector a team in it to win a day in the mission home to watch the final game of March Madness, or for the Latinos a game of futbol, and other prizes along the way for the Final Four etc. (but I'm not sure what they all are) Points are counted by key indicators, Investigadores que asisti├│ reunion sacramental etc.

This last week we worked like crazy for 3 days because I had the chance to go back up to Arica to do some paper work for my visa so we didn't have much time. It was fun and I got to talk with a few people again up there.

Anyways times up got to run. We have a conference for all the new missionaries in the last two cambios with Pres. Bruce in Antofagasta.
Which one more quick thought that this Sunday we had a District confrence with Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy, Sister Julie B. Beck, Elder Neil A. Anderson, and Elder L. Tom Perry which was awesome and I learned that they all speak Spanish expect Elder Perry.

Well that's the story for now

Have a Wonderful day - Because you can choose to
Elder Gillespie

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