Monday, June 4, 2012

Special Conference

Elder Marín and I had the chance to go down to Antofagasta for a special
conference with all of the small city missionaries. President Bruce has a
special new vision for the small cities.
   We are to have activities in the church all the time with the purpose to
save souls. The church is one of the biggest, and beautiful buildings in all
of Pozo and we want people to come in and see what the chapel has so that it
no longer just is, "the chapel at the end of the city" people come and know
the building, and enjoy the time there.

We have two investigators named Cesar and Beliene (something like
that) and she has been reading The Book of Mormon and it changes people
without them even realizing it. She has a change in appearance and speach.
The Book of Mormon has the power to change people, and they came to church
for the first time Sunday, I couldn´t stop smiling.

Learning a new language story:
Yesterday we made a contact had a small lesson. Asking when we could return
she said, "depende de mi marido" (Depends on my husband) What I heard,
"Depende de mi Mario" (believing Mario to be the name of her husband (It´s
not it is Patricio)) so I ask, "When does Mario´s turn end" and she was
really confused thinking I was talking about her neighbor whose name is
Mario. Anyways so after laughing at that I learned the new word of Marido

Have a Wonderful day
    Elder Gillespie

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