Monday, June 25, 2012

I´m back in Arica and Only Six more months until Christmas!

I made it! :) I am in the ward Diego Portales with Elder Jensen from Hagerman Idaho, he has 6 weeks here in Chile.
Last Sunday I had a good laugh as we read in Alma 8 during Sunday School about Alma returning to the land of Ammoniah in a different sector to preach again, as I applied the scripture to my life I pointed it out to Elder Marín and we laughed.

Elder Rojas (my second companion in Pozo Almonte) started his mission in Diego Portales and also has come back up here to Arica and we are in the same district.
Elder Sorenson my Zone leader in Alto Hospicio also is here in Alborada as his last transfer.

Our zone is again very young in the mission. Everyone expect two missionaries, (Elder Soreson and Elder Relei) has less than 10 months in the mission. So that is a basic lay out of the zone.

The Ward Diego Portales is very into the missionary work. We have several ward missionaries and a ward mission leader who is very enthusiastic for the work.

Elder Jensen still has cultural shock and so he doesn´t know his sector extremely well so we are starting up a new with a ward list getting to know everyone in the ward. I am grateful that I have this chance to see really how far I have come with my Spanish and my teaching and abilities in missionary work, and realize if all of that is only in 7 it´s going to be an awesome two years.

Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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