Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zone Conference- Transfers- New companions - and a small world

 This last Thursday we had the opportunity to travel about 3 hours South to Iquique, Chile for a Zone Conference with 4 zones, which with that I had the chance to speak with Elder Christensen, Elder Mikesell, Elder Weeter, and Elder Hamblin all from my district in the MTC again. However, originally our zone´s conference was going to be on Saturday in Arica, but at about 4 on Thursday we received a phone call telling us that it moved to Friday in Iquique and we needed to be on the bus in 3 hours. Entonces we ran from appointment to appointment rescheduling and ran to the bus station and left to Iquique. 

     Elder Zeballos of the Seventy spoke to us and just as Elder Merrill learned in his Leadership training we learned about vision and Proverbs 29:18 that without vision we will perish, we need to edify the church and the members it has and bring all unto Christ. Also that we must work every moment- not to waste a second. 

   We returned to Arica and Elder Baker and Elder Ramirez turned around with their suitcases and left for Springville and Columbia. Therefore the last couple days I have been with Elder Castillo newly appointed as District leader. As the calls came in we expected nothing more than to stay in Alborada and receive two new missionaries to join us. Nevertheless I´m leaving, which was a huge shock to me as well I´m sad to leave however I know that I have a work to do in Pozo Almonte, which from what I know is a tiny town but we´ll find out more next week. I will be serving with Elder Hewstone from Chile. 

Ok one quick story: we had the chance to eat lunch with a couple on Sunday, and Luis y Leyha. During our travel from the chapel to their home Luis mentioned he knew a Hermana Gillespie who served in South Chile, and indeed it was the one and only Emily Gillespie  and that´s a small world. 

Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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