Monday, February 6, 2012

One Month

     Well, time keeps flying, transfers are coming, Elder Baker and Elder Ramírez are going home, I´m playing the piano in sacrament meeting, and starting to speak Spanish. :)
     Two menos activos came with us to church this Sunday which was good- However, as we were waiting for one to come we were late and so I missed playing the..the..first song (The Spirit of God) and the sacrament song, (Come Follow Me). Nonetheless I played the last song ¨Praise to the Man¨ without to much trouble. 

     A story of last week actually however it was a little miracle- so as I mentioned last week President and Sister Bruce came up to Arica to present the vision for 2012, that we are reuniting the missionary work with the wards and branches. Our focus is on strenghting the church with true strength. Also Sister Bruce has now commanded that our pension´s need to be much cleaner and organized that we must realize that we are living in an apartment that the Lord is renting. (I was very happy to hear all of this) The other part that Sister Bruce spoke about is using our Area books and using it everynight, and we were all asked as well to bring our Area books so she could see them and know what state of condition they are in. Entonces we attend the meeting and after go to lunch at our Zone Leader´s Mamita´s and she feeds us very well, I had the pleasure of finishing off Elder Rick´s (Zone Leader) and Elder Baker´s plates for them. (which I have yet to run into any food I really don´t like [just in case anyone is wondering]) and after words the four of us Elder Ramirez, Elder Castillo, Elder Baker and I get a taxi back to our pension, which this Kia Sophia taxi does not give much room for the people in the back seat to sit, so I placed the area book behind the back seat under the back window....and there it was left....all of our records....
    So after some prayers and phone calls we weren´t able to find out what taxi I left the book in. However, later that night Elder Rick´s calls us and informs us that he has a gift for us. ´´I have a blue book with many important records´´ The taxi drive later saw the other missionaries and gave them the Area book so we have it now and I´m using it every day. 

Story two: We went to the beach today, played Frisbee (It´s really hard in sand) and I think I got sun burned. The end

Have a Wonderful- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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