Monday, February 27, 2012

The sun shines on and on and on! Yeeeaaah!

Pozo Almonte the first couple days were cloudy so I thought that is how it always was, but boy was I wrong, but it´s ok life is fantastic. 

So this last Saturday we had the opportunity to work with the assistants of the President and I worked with Elder Ricks who served in Pozo Almonte last year during this time, so we visited many of his converts and different families in the Branch and I learned a lot from him and his example of just really becoming friends with everyone because than you really really care about them and love them and no longer desire them to come to church just because we serve for that purpose but because you know that the church is where we will find the greatest joy in the long run. (And I have run a long ways- and then after the marathon being able just to sit and watch General Conference you feel very good) 

Ok and now the story of El Día de Carne (or the day of flesh, is what Elder Hewstone has been calling it) 
Sunday after church we went to the Castillo´s home for lunch which was rice, french fries, and carne (I really don´t know what animal it comes from...hmm..) and right at the end when we were just talking around the table and about ready to start cleaning up we get a phone call from Yubitza (the daughter of our Mamita) who tells Elder Hewstone that we need to come quickly to their home that it´s an emergency. 
      We take off from the Castillo´s and cross Pozo Almonte in 8 minutes, knock and Yubitza answers and informes us it is her father in the backyard, we speed across the house and their is Hno. Fransico in the backyard cooking on their b.b.q. looking just fine. Yubitza bursts out laughing...It was all a joke and they  had cooked a huge amount of food for us. I was stuffed- which many know that is hard to do. 

Other accomplishments/good news: I gave my first talk in Spanish on Sunday about tithing and it went well, and Elder Keele is in my district! (So people know Elder Keele worked with Nathaniel and I at the SCERA back when we were lads)

Have a wonderful day - Because you can choose too.

Elder James O. Gillespie

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