Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today I complete 8 months in the mission

6 months in Chile. 8 Months which is 1/3 of my mission, that is so crazy. As well reminds me that I need to work harder everyday because it flies by.

     Still trying to figure out everything that is happening. Yesterday they had a Stake Conference/meeting and changed all the boundaries of the wards. I believe ours is the same but our stake now has a brand new ward which came from Alborada, where I began my mission, and now is one of the smallest wards in Arica. The 2 branches we had are as well now wards. (I believe...) It jumped on all the missionaries as a suprise. 
      Saturday we did a, "Sector attack" in Alborada and all the missionaries in our zone went to Alborada and worked the moring there. I had the chance to visit Génesis and to be again in that house felt extermelly strange because as well I could understant what the people were saying, (very nice change) and again saw the distance I had come. 
     We have been using our ward list to locate members less actives again in the ward and we came to one family and we spoke and I noticed what I thought was a small piano sticking up at the end of the couch, so I asked who played the piano and they informed me that I was mistaken. It´s not a piano. However I had the chance to play. :) (See photos)

Tenga un diá Maravilloso- porque usted puede elegirlo
     Elder James O. Gillespie

Misión Chile Antofagasta
Casilla de Correo 70
Antofagasta, Chile

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