Monday, August 13, 2012

Elder Gillespie

This week definitely felt very long, and I am happy that Elder Marroquín speaks Spanish because there would be so much I would miss that he informs me after what has happened; however as well I´m grateful that I am lost in the sea of Spanish words because I believe if I understood everything that the people told us it would impact my mood incredibly as well. It opens up your eyes a lot more and realize more the blessing you have presently in your life, and learn that really your life is not that bad. 
 Pres. Bruce every month presents a new vision, a new focus and motivation, this month the vision is the Olympics and we are to become as Olympians the best of the best. (Kind of like March Madness, but different) Also meaning that there is competition. So it is every Zone against every Zone. In Preach My Gospel Chapter 8 it talks of key indicators that the Mission President will set and expect us to keep our focus there. We have different keys indicators and different levels, and the top level is called Misioneros Celestiales and our Zone and the other Zone in Arica reached this level, now we just got to keep going.  We are going to win. 
 This week the ward missionary program and us put together an activity in the chapel of Karaoke and I sang, Just the way you are, which I found out the notes are outside my range, and Barbara Ana from The Beach Boys and had a lot more success with that. 
 Many of the Gringos got together today and played basketball and it was a blast. It took me several games to 7 to find my game again. We have a lot of people in our Zone who played basketball in High School and some in College. It´s impressive. 
  Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie
 Elder Ryan Van Pelt is in my Zone, and Elder Colten Henrie which makes 3 of us that I know of from Timpanogos High School. Just a fun fact. 

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