Monday, August 27, 2012


  This week we had Stake conference so half of Arica came together in the same chapel great to see some other familiar faces from Alborada in stake conference. 
   We also had a Zone conference which the zones Alto Hospicio and Iquique came up and had that all together. We had four of us from our group from the MTC together which I believe is the biggest group of us together since the newbie conference my second transfer. A lot of the conference focused on planning and becoming better at it, which the thoughts of planning have defiantly circled around in my head a lot, so it was a confirming experience that we need to improve there, and this story. Thursday in the evening we planned and we made different goals of how many New investigators we would find after the Zone Conference and before our first appointment at 5:00, and we decide three people. After the conference we go back to the pension and change and head back out. We make one street contact, knock two doors that don't answer and the third door we knock we talk with Geraldine and she lets us in and we ask for everyone in the house which is a told of three, and then two of them came to church (Geraldine got sick) planning works.  She really enjoyed the conference as well, which focused a lot on family unity and unity in the church. 
   Green Story: We taught a family who works/lives in a hotel and as we walked out of the hotel I realized how green it was- like there was grass everywhere I felt like I stepped out of the North of Chile for a while. 
 Sorry it's short I need to learn how to write more and better.
 Have a Wonderful day- Because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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