Monday, December 24, 2012

Two weeks, special transfers, Christmas in Chile

Well after tomorrow I can begin to sing, "I'll be home for Christmas" I'm starting to have zeros events left in my mission, Zero Thanksgivings, zero 23rd of Decembers, zero...well that's really it, but I'm beginning to feel older and older in the mission, I'm starting to realize that it will end some day. That's not a bad thought right? 
Well Christmas in on the horizon and I don't feel like it at all. It's quite a different atmosphere being here in the Sun on the beach being sun burned, talking Spanish just kind of all just like another week of work, but I'm quite excited to make a phone call home, as it will be amazing. 
 Anyways, what's happened Gillespie? Why was your email so short last week? You didn't say anything. Well, first I need to thank Elder Tuttle for writing an email home last week for me because there was no time for us. 
Saturday night we receive a phone call to tell Elder Marthell and I that both of us are leaving Calama, with a special transfer. I'm going to Mejillones, which is another little city outside of Antofagasta, a little smaller than Pozo Almonte, and Elder Marthell is going to Iquique. So Sunday we left with Elder Tuttle and Elder Rivas to show them were people live that we've been visiting etc, and Monday was spent packing everything up and going to the bus station and traveling. 
 Mejillones is super clean, Calama is dirty and very dusty, lots of dirt however Mejillones is clean I just enjoy breathing there, and it is much more green. Which still is nothing but it exists just a little. 
My companion is Elder Smith from Mexico who is an amazing teacher, I'm very thankful for this change to be with him, and in my district Elder Jensen is here. =) We meet again. 
Mejillones is a tiny branch a huge change from Oasis with 120 people attending church and going to 15 people attending, but it's good
 Merry Christmas for Chile
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie
And a picture from a Zone conference

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