Monday, December 3, 2012

Stake Conference and Transfers

     Well we just had our stake conference and it pleased me, all the speakers were well selected. Everyone had a wonderful talk. President and Sister Bruce came as well and spoke which it's always nice to listen to them. The second counselor of the Stake spoke about lambs and how we are all different kinds of lambs in the...redil...(fold? is that right word) and how we should and need to work together to help the Shepperd. 
      Well it is the first transfer that nothing happened, no changes, I'm sticking it out with Elder Marthell here in Calama for Christmas. Elder Rivas will stay as well and Elder Herbert runs off to Arica for the last two weeks of his mission. (Which surprised us all) Of the 14 missionaries here in Calama only 4 missionaries are changing out which is a pretty small change. As a mission to reach our goal of a 1000 baptisms we need to get 117 baptisms this month as a mission. 

   Change of subject on Friday in the afternoon Elder Marthell and I were walking and someone was selling empandas (which are kind of like Hotpockets, it's where I believe hotpocket got it's idea) Exists empandas of all kinds and this kind happened to be of cheese just a type of bread tortilla stuff that has cheese on the inside and is fried. Elder Marthell bought one and gave it to me as a gift to eat and along with that he gave me a long uncomfortable night. So I ate it, it had a bit of a strange taste but it's okay, "There's no bad type of food it just tastes a little different" (A quote form Stake Conference) however; by the night I was hurting, and would have not minded to throw up and clean out my stomach but it never came. All night I was tossing and turning with this pain and the alarm went off. Rolled out of bed and began. Lunch came around and on Saturday and Sunday we eat with members and this member gave up a huge plate of food, I couldn't even put a dent in it. By this time the pain had passed just that my stomach was quite tender and small. Just couldn't handle much. Sunday it was the same. Now I'm back up and eating normal but still Elder Marthell got me sick, and it's been the joke for the last couple days. 
 Anyways, hope all is well. 
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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