Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years

Time is just flying but at the same time it seems to drag. Christmas already seems like it´s been over a month sense I made the phone call home to everyone. I learned it is important to write things down, questions, and comments you wish to speak about because comes the moment and it´s just great to see everyone you don´t know what to say, because the night before your mind races with things you want to say but in the moment it´s gone. 
     So I suppose you can apply that to gospel study and talks as well, because when you need it seems to leave, but it´s ok as well because if you have the spirit God will fill your mouth with what you need to say in the moment right? Yes. 
 In the end the point of everything that I´m doing here is to say that the Gospel has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. and that the Priesthood is on the earth and that Christ leads his church. 
 Saturday Elder Smith and I went to go and clean the church and as I was sweeping outside I looked over at a tree that had a bunch of weeds growing the dirt square that belongs to the tree, and I looked and looked and said to myself it´s ok because at least it´s green. Then the thoughts of "Temple Standards" by a seventy this last conference and I felt that the weeds weren´t Chapel standards. So now that tree is growing solo in the dirt square by itself. So I hope it´s a happier tree now. 
 Change of subject: I´m rather tall and much taller than the majority of the people here in Chile and I seem to crash into many objects with my head, and it has happened quite a bit these last days, the good thing of that is that people see it and say, "Pobrecito" and then you can say I´m ok, don´t worry about it and push a smile back on through the pain and then contact them and ask them when can we come over and share a message. Haven´t had much success in this form but, just got to keep trying new things to find new people. 
 Mejillones is a little little branch much smaller than Pozo, Sunday we had 11 people in church. The good news is that we had a primary teacher called so I don´t have to take charge of the class anymore. :) Nonetheless we still need a lot of people, and a lot of more callings to be filled, so if anyone wants to come feel free. =) We live with the Branch President which is a little weird but at the same time convenient. Saturday in the night we arrived at the same time home and so we had a nice talk about the branch and then just started sharing different missionary/priesthood expriences which are nice to hear and remember what we are doing here is the right thing. 
 Well Wednesday I complete a year here in Chile and it just keeps flying, today we played basketball together as a Zone and Elder Van Pelt is here in the zone with me and we spoke and remembered together when we first got here I had just completed 9 months and now I´m at 14. Ahh I´m old. 
 Thanks for reading and your prayers
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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