Monday, January 21, 2013

This Week

Well as a few people noticed that I failed to send a letter last week and it was due to a cause of loss of internet, therefore I apologize.
      Well this transfer we had a change up of districts and so now I'm with Elder Moltò and Elder Condori from Argentina and I don't remember. It's a little harder to get to know your district/zone when you live an hour away but that's ok. We still have until the end of February to know one another, and with the change I'm alone with Latinos, so there goes Spanlish classes. 
     So Sunday, was a bit of a struggle for me, our primary teachers didn't show up so I ended up back in primary without a plan and more kids than I have been use to, but I made it through. We had back down to 22 people in church but Nicolas Peña now is a teacher in the Arronic priesthood. 
     Today for the zone activity we played basketball and I have not gained any skills here, I will return and have to relearn how to play because my ball handling skills have fallen through the floor. Nonetheless the last time I played Phil I won so everything is ok. Back to the activity...well first to learn a bit about mission lingo, when a missionary trains another missionary here they call them their kid/child, and in turn the kid/child calls his trainer his dad/father. To demonstrate Elder Baker is my papito and Elder Hewstone is my padrastro(step-father) because he finished my training and I'm the padrastro de Elder Jensen because I finished his training. So back to the activity Elder Congleton has a kid now and he graduated in 2012 and I realized these people are now in the mission, and again I recongized that I'm older than I like to think. Another lingo is that you are born in the mission, for example I was born in Alborada, Arica, and you die in your last sector, Elder Baker died in Alborada Arica, and I killed him because I was his last companion. Missionaries are weird, but good times. 
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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