Monday, January 7, 2013

One year in Chile, 14 months in total

      It has been quite a thought to realize I´m over half way done with my mission, as a kid growing up one always knows that this point will come but now it has pasted already and one looks back and says where did it go?
      2013, new year, new rules. In Mejillones we have been trying very hard to find all the people that are members and get them to come to church again, and we doubled our number from last week, 22 people in church. Yeah! Plus Nicolas Peña was baptized on Friday. Which I would say was the smoothest going baptismal program I have had in my mission. Great amount of people came and the font worked nicely, there was hot water, it filled up quickly. We had videos to watch while they waited for Nicolas and I to change our cloths. I made brownies, some less actives came that we tried found came and it was just a happy experience. So that was Friday night we had the baptism. 
     Saturday morning Elder Smith and I go to clean up the chapel every week and so this week it was time to mow the law. So we went and bought a gallon of gas which cost about 4000 pesos which is about 8 or 9 dollars, and I hope that in the states it´s not that high right now. Then I mowed the law, for the first time in 14 months I mowed a law and it was quite a joyful experience just to feel the rumble in your hands again, and saying this is very familiar. 
     Again to Sunday, Sunday in church we start with our classes. Which right now I´m in charge of the Primary which only has 2 kids for the first class, Flor and Adrina but still it´s rough to keep their attention and teach something. But made it through the first hour, then the second hour we went out into the newly cut grass to have a picnic that of snacks that their mother prepared for them before and we turned into a picnic which then we began to pick up the flowers that had fallen from the tree and throw them into the trash, so we did a little service project and I tried to help them see that it was a good thing and that they should be feeling good. I don´t know if it worked as well as I hoped but still I tried. Then 4 year old Angel shows up...and he is quite the Angel (that is dripping with sarcasm) however, never fear because we have crayons, I printed out very quickly those crowns that you print and color then cut and make your hat and we...well I read a scripture to them telling them that they are princes and princesses because they are children of God. and we made crowns. =) It was entertaining nonetheless I'm very grateful for primary teachers and I´m sorry for all the trouble I´ve giving you. 
 The church is true, go to it because Christ made it for you. 
  Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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