Monday, January 28, 2013

January coming to a close

Means that Christmas is closer right?  
     So we had a good week, although more and more the weeks are just blending together. Weekends I can tell you a little more about what happened but in the middle of the week I'm not sure if it was last week or two weeks ago etc, but as I was thinking during the week about what I should write home, I realized that here in the mission I have learned quite a few fun skills that I had not learned before hand. For example, during my time here in Chile I have become a magician I have learned about 8 or so card tricks that has become a wonderful tool to build confidence and break the ice with people, and hopefully one day I can have a little show for you all and you can all be impressed by my skills. I've also learned in Pozo Almonte how to make some balloon flowers, swords, and dogs. (Although I haven't practiced that much) I've learned how to make Pizza in Calama with the help of Elder Parker. (Not the best pizza but it is better than Telepizza, which is the biggest pizza place here) Learning how to cook many things with Elder Smith, a wonderful chef he is. 

 Really quick this weekend. (Photos included)Ivan was baptized and confirmed. We cleaned the chapel this week and found a really big spider which scared me quite badly.(Jodie don't look at the photo) and Elder Smith and I found Jimmy who is very interested in learning English and so Elder Smith taught an English class. It was fun to watch him go. =) 
 Have a Wonderful week- because you can  choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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