Monday, March 11, 2013

March Onward

Well this week we traveled to Antofagasta twice, once for a district meeting and twice from a mini- conference that we spoke about March madness competition this year. Seminary and school started this week in Chile, because we have summer when all you people on the other side of the equator are enjoying the cold and the snow so we just finished our Summer vacations and surprising how quickly the weather has changed colder here. Now the wind that comes blowing through the city is quite cold or I'm just a wimp now in regards to cold, but Elder Miranda says it's cold as well so I don't feel that bad. 
     School here starts at 8 and goes until 2ish then they have an 1 1/2 break for lunch and then they go back until 6 at night some of them. It's a lot of time that they have to do in school so count your blessing that school isn't school so long. 

      Seminary is in the evenings here and it is difficult to get people to come because people just don't have the same background as they do in the church, the majority of the youth here are recent converts and/or less actives that have just barely started coming back again. 
      I'm still teaching Primary with Bro. Wellington. 
 This is the beach here Mejillones, beautiful no? 
 Congratulations to all those people receiving mission calls and leaving on mission. 
Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
      Elder James O. Gillespie

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