Monday, April 15, 2013

Another week goes by

It was all kind of a blur...and I don't have my journal close so I don't remember what happened when. 
Well my vision I have had for the missionary work here in Mejillones has been very based in the idea of reactivating and filling the chapel in that way, I have thought in that way since Arica for the second time because I talked to a exmissionary who told me that is what he did while he was in the mission and in a small city because if he brought investigators he thought they would come and just walk back out because they see that there is almost no one; however the vision of the mission/Pres. Bruce is  to baptize and confirm so I have always thought I will reactive people and then baptisms will come by bringing back part member families etc. and I talked with my Zone leader about it and he simply informed my that the vision is to baptize.
     Monday in the evening we were in Antofagasta so I went with Elder Miranda to visit a family that I met around Christmas time in the ward Las Arenas. They were baptized the 3 of them together Patricia, Patricia (Hija), and Alexis, and they are an amazing family and they were found by Elder Ruiz and Elder Fransworth (I believe, it was before I arrived in Antofagasta) through tracting and they blow my mind at their knowledge and willingness to serve. I would love to have another family like them in the branch here in Mejillones, we would put them to work so fast. 
     During the week I was reading and preparing for some classes on Sunday and I came across the scripture D+C 111:2 "I have much treasure in this city for you, for the benefit of Zion, and many people in this city, whom I will gather out in due time for the benefit of Zion, through your instrumentality." So a mix of all these things I came to the conclusion that I need to be searching more trying to bring more new people to the church and they will be for the benefit of Zion. Instead of trying only to reactive the families that are here. Because there are a lot of people and in Mejillones and it's time to find them. 
     Sunday we had a family come to church of Seven kids from 14 years to 6 months and filled the chapel so we just need to keep finding and teach new people. 
I'm beginning more to feel the tiredness of a mission, Pres. Shaw told me when I was about to get set apart that he loves it when he relieves a missionary and they fall asleep during the prayer because they have become so tired during their missions, and my thought was at the time, "It´s because they didn´t sleep very well in the plane" but I now understand it's a lot more than that. One or two weeks ago we had our interviews with Pres. Bruce and in the Office of President there exists a board with a picture of all the missionaries and the higher they are on the board they more time they have in the mission and when I walked into the office President told me that I am very high on the board. We talked and he told me that all the missionaries that get up that high on the board tell him that they cannot feel their legs anymore but they just keep on walking. My thought was that I can still feel my legs, but this Saturday was a day where I understood those words. 
 You learn on a lot in the mission. So go on it. 
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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