Monday, April 1, 2013

Well one more day and another month completed in the mission

    How time has flow, and yet seemed to have go so slow, this week seemed like it lasted a year. So many things have happened this week. First at the beginning of the week my camera broke when I fell the other day and smashed both the memory card and the camera itself, so they are both dead, but the bigger news is that Elder Miranda has become quite sick that Pres. Bruce is considering sending him home for a time, Sunday I had to go to church with a Priest from the branch because Elder Miranda is in the hospital in Antofagasta. We are all pretty worried. I hope it wasn't the pizza that I made. It's been hard as well because I haven't been working in Mejillones at all because of the medical problems. Pres. Bruce is trying to work things out so that I will have another companion shortly
     Nevertheless we continue onwards because it's April Fool's day and it's all a lie. Everyone is fine and my camera still work. =) As well it's the first of the month and so I say Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, Happy Easter and 17 months in the mission? (I lose track)
 So here is the real story, I did not lie when I said that it seemed like a year has past by since the last time I have sat infront of a computer to write home. We went running a couple of times this week again to start being more healthy because now Elder Miranda's feet aren't hurting so much from walking all day.  We had the baptism of Emanuel Benjamin Pegueroles Vaca. Who has 9 years old and we have been reactiving all of his older siblings, it was a nice service which included the refreshments by yours truly, Elder Gillespie, of Pizza and also another member that we have been reactiving made a cake which was very good. 
     Sunday we had 35 people in church which was nice to have it filled again. Easter wasn't as big as I thought it would have been here just that it came and went, but the people here don't eat red meat during the weekend. (Is that a thing in the states too?) They it fish. So if you are ever in Chile for Easter it is a great time to have a BBQ because the meat is cheap. 
     I'm quite excited for General Conference this weekend it will be a nice break not having to teach the Primary for a week. However, in primary I do feel I'm having success that the kids are learning parts of the lesson but it takes a lot of energy, and now we have changed Wellington to go with the Young men and asked Sis. Acuña to come help me and we divided the class into Valientes and HLJ and so I'm wiht HLJ and I asked another less active to come help me teach and she accepted and came so we are going to keep going with this method because it seems to work. We are definitely more focused here in Reactivation and sustaining in Mejillones

Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to.
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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