Friday, November 18, 2011

Could I get Elder Heiss's address?
Could I also get a Conference Ensign?
One thing I discovered this week was my name is the English translation for the name Jacob. I thought that was pretty cool.
So a little more on Elder Parker. He is white, he doesn't like the ocean, and he doesn't like Hawaii. Like he doesn't like it that there is no where to go. He is from Oahu Central. And I'm asking him what he wants everyone to know and he says, "um mm eh.... Probably that...that I'm blind, and his brother has a double major in film and psychology." Anyways he is super funny to listen to. He enjoys music a lot and art work.
So I weighed in yesterday and I'm at 179.
Elder Wells and I joined choir on Sunday and that was super funny the director was fantastic. He made jokes all over the place. He told us this poem,
One day when you're kissing your honey
And your nose gets a little runny
You might think it is funny
But it's not.
I'm now the priesthood piano player- I played battle hymn of the republic and found out that in Spanish there is four verse because I just stopped after three and people kept playing.
At our district meeting Elder Parker and I taught a lesson about Prophets and we did it basically on the spot and did really well. It helped that it was in English. :)
Ok and Real quick for some reason Dear Elders can not write the following symbols, " ' Why? I don't know but they all come up as question marks just so you know. And I can only check Email once a week just so you know.
Ok so a day at the MTC
6:30 wake up and get ready or go to gym and then come home and get ready.
Then if it is a gym day you go to breakfast if it is a get ready day is is go to class and then breakfast.
After you go to class for personal study
Then a teacher comes and you have different things you do. But mostly they talk Spanish at us.
Then Lunch and we then get the mail.
And my 30 minutes is almost up so I'm going to stop there.
So Have a wonderful day.
Elder Gillespie

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