Friday, November 25, 2011

No se

So I know I need to finish up my average day at the MTC however I decided to talk about Thanksgiving in the MTC because that is more rare and was really quite good.
They serve you a little breakfast which most of our district just slept through or just waited until the Thanksgiving Feast. At 10:00 we had a devotional with Elder Russell M. Nelsen. His wife spoke too about we need to drop everything and do what the Lord asked. Using Nephi, Joseph Smith and Elder Nelsen as good examples and Parley P. Pratt as a bad one for one season. Then Elder Nelsen spoke a lot about different meanings of words and how they mean praise to God; however he first said, "I'm thankful for your parents and families, and if you don't take any other notes just be sure to write that down, 'Elder Nelsen is grateful for my family.'" He concluded by having us listen to the song "Alleluia" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Men, which only had one word in it. It was powerful. We then ate our Thanksgiving dinner which tasted fine.
On our way back to the gym where they hold the devotionals and such a Hermana in our Zone stopped us and asked if I could play the piano for their special musical number on Sunday the song, "I Need Thee Every Hour" so I've been practicing that whenever I have had time because I haven't played it before.
Anyways we then had a meeting about service and how awesome the church is in giving service all over the world. Then told us how we were going to serve today so we made a bunch of "emergency kits" and they gave us an hour and half to do it we finished in a half an hour so I rewarded myself with a nap.
We then had the opportunity to go listen to the MTC president's wife and she had us do a skit about Thanksgiving which was funny, we sang "Over the Hills and Through the woods," and then a few of the missionaries got to say what they are grateful for and come up with a hymn to go with it which we sang a verse of. And that was only half of the MTC because the other half was doing the service project. So then the other half came in and the MTC presidency handed out popcorn to all of us and told us we were allowed to take our suit coats off. Which that was the biggest way of excitement that had happened thus far. We then watched 17 Miracles which all the missionary were all so crazy. Because we haven't seen a Moive in so long it was fun.
I ran into Elder Chris Kohler and Elder Josh Purser today.
I'm grateful for my Savior and the Chance to serve a mission.
Have a Wonderful day
Elder Gillespie

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