Friday, November 11, 2011

Still here

So I thank you for your letters and dear Elders and I encourage using these methods because we get them sooner and they are treasured items.
So with Elder Merrill's challenge I weigh right now 175 pounds just so everyone knows.
We taught our investigator Tomas and he is getting baptized on Dec 3rd; however these are our teachers that are investigating. I played soccer played on defence and I did well I got a couple of steals and ran the ball all the way down the field, and then lost it. I haven't played soccer since elementary I'm pretty sure but it was way fun. I got kicked in the shin really hard- ended up a nice big bloody mess on my leg but I got the ball away and I'm pretty sure our team scored off of that goal.
My companion is our district leader which only really means he picks up the mail.
ummm I was looking for a story to tell and I asked Elder Wells what to say so I am telling the story of the platanosaurus rex
So out of habit from high school I have been taking fruit with me after lunch just to eat later. In high school I all ways took an apple however I've been appled out. So I have been taking a banana instead and just keep it in my suit pocket. So I whip it out after class and Elder Wells was so shocked. So may people in our district have started caring bananas around with them, and one day I drew a dinosaur wearing the shirt, "I # NY" and so then Elder Parker drew a picture of a Banana that looks like a dinosaur so it become the platanosaurus rex- which platano es banana.
Life's good- foods fine- I'm learning Spanish.
Yup- write letters I'll respond on Fridays.
Have a wonderful day
Elder Gillespie

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