Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is coming quickly- lots of missionaries are coming is as the semester ends (Including Elder Derek Keele) and there is still no snow. On Monday Elder Parker's and my roommates left for Honduras and now we have the room to ourselves for the week- we're guessing that this upcoming Wednesday we'll obtain a new companionship. We are also losing another district from our zone this upcoming Monday which will make our District 35C become the oldest in the zone. Elder Parker has been released has district leader and Elder Wells now leads and Elder Hamblin and Elder Christensen have become the Zone Leaders. Our teachers are leaving us for the Holidays and we won't see them again before we leave which is January 2nd (probably). On Christmas missionaries in the MTC don't get to call unfortunately just because there is way to many of us. However if there is a lay over long enough during our flights we can call then. We teach our teachers as they pretend to be different investigators they had during their missions and as we were teaching Julio (Hermono Heap) Elder Parker was trying conjugate "poder" (which means power or to be able to) into the subjunctive and failed. He successfully swore at Julio, but it was ok because just laughed at us and told us that wasn't the word we were looking for. Today was the last opportunity for us to go through the temple for the next two years because the Provo Temple closes for the rest of our MTC experience. I'm growing, working, studying. We are preparing for the rest of our lives right now, so don't waste a moment for a moment wasted now is a moment wasted for the rest of your life.
Have a Wonderful day
Love, Elder Gillespie

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