Saturday, December 31, 2011

It is the last time in the MTC.

Sorry I never said this last week, however for our district our preparation day is moved for the last week because yesterday (Friday) we had in-Field orientation where all the Missionaries leaving this up coming week come and teachers teach about talking to everyone more and working with members- because the rest of the MTC experience is really about learning/practicing teaching. Which we have done much of.

So Christmas-it happened in the MTC Started with are whole district coming to our room because we have a beautifully drawn fireplace by Elder Parker with Christmas lights in the flames. It´s really good looking and with four little stockings hanging over it. So we all opened our gifts in there. Then had some study time before sacrament meeting with Elder David A. Bednar presiding. After the sacrament was administered to the whole MTC, which was done very quickly, he spoke about Christ and his example in always turning out and giving to others even during his times of crisis- two main examples- one first was after fasting for 40 days and Satan tempted him after all of that the scriptures say that angels came and administer unto him, however looking in the footnotes it has a Joseph Smith translation telling that Christ didn´t have angels come to Him but sent angels to minster unto John who was in prison at the time. Two- was after the suffering in the garden and being disappointed by His apostles and betrayed He heals the guard who Peter attacked.

He gave several examples and explained this is how we should become and not become as the Cookie Monster. Because Cookie Monster wants cookie now! This is a looking in to yourself example and not what Christ did ever.

My last story for the week was when Elder Parker and I were teaching Juan- first lesson and we gave him the pamphlet for the Restoration, and I tried to ask him to review it before our next lesson. However instead of saying repasar I said rechazar which means ´´to reject´´ so I asked him to reject our pamphlet.

We got our travel plans, I´m the travel leader which means don´t let anyone go missing, we are leaving the MTC at 4 in the morning flying from SLC to L.A. to Lima, Pure, to Santiago Chile, and then finally after 39 hours of flying/lay overs we arrive in Antofagasta.

Have a Wonderful day-Because you can choose to

Elder James O. Gillespie

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