Monday, January 16, 2012

I feel like I´ve always been here.

Is that a good thing? I don´t know.

A couple things I forgot to say in the last email. Pension- we live on the third floor on the west side of the city up on a hill, and we have a little balcony which we all enjoy sitting on ever night and looking at the city, it´s beautiful and I love it.

Elder Castillo is the other Elder in our pension

We did some changing of beds and such and I fit in my bed now more.

And one last piece of advise for future missionaries going to the MTC- every Sunday night you´ll have the opportunist to watch, ´Sunday films´ which you have a couple of choices like the Joseph Smith movie and different talks by general authorities that have been given at the MTC- my advise is attend the general authority talks because they will never leave the MTC and be published for the general to view so it will be the last time you get to see them and they are fantastic!

So a couple events this week. We had an earthquake on Tuesday night-Wednesday morning at 4:33 in the morning but I didn´t feel anything/awake up so I´m not counting it yet.

I mentioned in that our water pressure is low- and I meant really only in the shower and the reason it is low in the shower is because the hose leaks water everywhere so I decided that is something that I can change and want to change and as we were walking through centro one day I saw a store that would have a new hose so we purchased one. Later that day I replace the old hose and I was not able to get the shower head off the old hose. I turn to Elder Castillo for help and he takes the task willingly and after few seconds of trying I hear a ´snap´ thinking he had successfully got that first twist that of a screw that wasn´t moved in a long time. However the news wasn´t quite as exciting - he successfully broke the part where the hose screws onto the head so for a couple days we didn´t have a shower head. Nevertheless, a couple days later after showering by hose we have a shower head again.

On Friday evening our President of our mission came up to Arica for both interviews with all the missionaries and to teach a class to all of those who wanted to attend. Which Pres. Bruce taught about 2 Nefi 31 and how that everyone has temptations but we still can have the Holy Ghost. However at the end of the class we left the church out a different door than we came in, and out this door the church had a very familiar smell, that I new in a land far far away. As we came outside there was a little lawn of grass and it smelt so wonderful and I never realized how great grass smells and how little a desert smells. It was very refreshing.

The work is continuing onward and we all have the chance to be apart of it. Don´t miss out on it-

I´m understanding more and more of what people are saying remembering names easier. Both good.

Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to.

Elder James O. Gillespie =)

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