Monday, January 16, 2012

January 9, 2012: It´s been one week in the Mission field

Well I´m understanding more and more but still not talking a ton.

Elder Baker - He reminds me a lot of my manger at the SCERA Tommy Rose both in size and personality. Understanding that most people don´t know Tommy, Elder Baker is short, blading, and you got to love him. He comes from the land of Mapleton Utah, not far from where my family resides. He worked at Walgreen's before coming on his mission and he will finish his mission in February. He enjoy´s laughing and joking with the people here, and the members love him. He speaks Spanish very well which is good because when I get lost he bails me out. He is relaxed but knows it is the time to work- he really wants to know the people and love them.

Our apartment- or pension, I feel right at home, it is like Payson in so many ways. However it is amazing how dirty it is and even though many people who have seen my room at home don´t believe I like a clean room- I do- I spent most of my morning cleaning just our bedroom and it really is refreshing every time I walk in. =) We share our pension with two other missionaries Elder Ramiz and Elder....I´m blanking they are both from Columbia and both fantastic, I love them both and they have been learning English and they speak really well.

Area- ARICA!! Arica we have us four missionaries in our sector, which is just one ward size (The geographical size of which exceeds the geographical size of a ward in Utah by a lot) and we spend most of our time contacting less active members and teaching people in members homes. It is sad to see all the people that really don´t want to come back to church- but also how well Elder Baker can make some of them remotivated.

It is amazing how many people are learning English and how well many of them speak it.


Weather- it is hot just not has hot as I thought it was going to be and it is often windy which really helps out and cools us down.

Food- lots of bread it is made every day and used in every meal. A completo (which I heard from everyone they are a must) aren´t as exciting as I hoped- they taste good don´t get me wrong just not what my brain worked it up to be. :/

Water- we have hot water just not a lot of pressure

What I have done- Hno. Rapp told us to be good with children so that when the member realize we can´t speak Spainsh they will expect us because we are good with the children. So I have become a jungle jim for one family. I carry Starbursts for the kids that shake my hand, a lot like Bro. (fill this blank, he was in WWII in the navy I believe and when you would shake his hand he would leave a candy, they lived in the house north of the Hendrix) would do.

One last story: We finished teaching a lesson with two less-actives Brain, and Maricio age nine and cousins, we were going to leave after a lesson about attending church and playing a game similar to down by the banks expect you keep saying animals and if you take to long you lose, and if you lose you say the pray decided by Brain. (I didn´t lose - just so you know) So we were leaving and I hit my head on the top of door frame. Which both Brain and Maricio had a hoot with it.

Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to.

Elder James O. Gillespie

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