Monday, January 16, 2012

January 5, 2012

And after 12 hours on a bus we arrived in Arica- hot, humid, and no green.

We have four to our sector which is one ward- we all live in the same apartment and my lower caff to feet hang off the bed.

Elder Baker is short and from Springville- this is his last transfer, he laughs a lot and speaks fast- we had a zone meeting today and I was able to understand just about everything said in that meeting. Just not conversations, if it has to do with the gospel I seem to catch on well.

On the plane from L.A. to Lima I sat with Elder Hamilton and Maricarmen (She spook English and Spainsh) With our 8 hour in the air we talked a lot and got through the first lesson. Gave her a pass along card for She wanted a picture with us so I took it to mean that things went well.

We missed our connecting plane from Santiago to Antofagasta luckly the Church travel agent was there and got us a plane for later that night. So we arrived in Antofagasta at 11 all sweety and gross we eat quickly at the Mission Home and get checked into a hotel for the night and all of us take nice long showers. Wake up the next day and go to the Chapel and get matched up with our trainers then go to the bus. We arrived here this morning at 7ish

Things are well.

Have a Wonderful day (Because you can choose to)

Elder James O. Gillespie

Nobody can say my name it´s awesome

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