Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We had a baptism :) But the bigger surprise is that Génesis changed that she wanted me to baptize her 3 hours before. Which we were already running around making sure everything was going to be going well and then I needed to learn how to say her full name, and the prayer. So Elder Castillo and I practiced and practiced and I only messed up once.
Just a few other little highlights of the week and pictures.
This week also President and Sister Bruce came up to Arica to present The Vision for 2012 which the goal is to reunite the work between the ward and the missionary work that it will become one united work.
It rained here(just a little), but it rained! I never thought I would see rain for the next 2 years of my life but there it was accompanied by a beautiful rainbow.
Speaking of accompanying- I´m now playing the piano in the ward which will be an adventure. So I figure that with the Gift of Tongues to reading as well...so I hope that I´ll be reading music better than before, and be able to sweeten the Spirit of sacrament meeting.
Speaking of sweets this last week we had the adventures in our pension of making cake and a cookie/brownie with ice-cream treat with were fantastic.
Speaking of fantastic I had the chance to throw a Frisbee back and forth which was awesome.
Well for now that is all. I´ll be better next week with a story of what happened.
Have a Wonderful day- Because you can choose to
Elder James O. Gillespie

Elder Castillo and I mixing the cake batter
Elder Ramírez cutting the cake

from our balcony looking over Arica

Génesis right before the baptism

Coming out of the font after the ordinance


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where are the pictures at? :)

  2. Had to get someone to help me put the pix on because James isn't available to help me anymore. -- From James' mom