Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom on Sunday

     Today we help take a old wall out and put a new wall in. I love remodeling.
     Last Monday we were walking to Lider to do our shopping and a boy on his bike called out to us saying, "¡Tio!" or in English "Uncle!" Why they call everyone that I don´t know, it´s a Chile thing. However I figured that not everyone calls us that so we stopped him and talked to Alfonso age 10 and asked him how he knows us. We create an appointment for the evening and stop by. Come to find out this family was Investigating the church a few months ago, and she has had all the lessons. Paola, her two daughters Alejandra,(7) Paola(5) and Alfonso. It was a loud house. So it took us a while to find this information out. So we set an appointment for later in the week.
     Thursday rolls around and President comes and we have mini zone conference, and then in the evening we have a fireside with him so we invite Paola and her family to come and she really enjoyed it and had the chance to talk with President Bruce one on one for a minute which is a good thing, because he is an inspired man, and can talk with people.
     We have high hopes for her and her family.

Our stake went to Bolivia to go to the temple this past week which is a 12 hour drive, great experience for those who got to go, the ward was just pretty quite until Saturday.

Sunday there was a ward baptism and the Spirit was amazing there.

The other picture is a truck from Uta, which is a little valley or town near Arica but when I tell people I´m from Utah, they think of Uta. The End

Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

Oh and also included is a couple pictures from the Fourth of July. 
One more quick story. I dreamed that I was teaching and so in my sleep I sat up and woke up Elder Jensen and started teaching him and then I realized what time it was and I laid back down to sleep.


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