Monday, July 30, 2012


Elder Jensen takes off to the South and I'm still here in Diego Portales- not a lot of change in the zone compared my last transfer in Alto Hospicio when everyone got a new companion- however I'm getting a new companion all I know is that he is Latino- when the assistants called I was sleeping and didn't remember much of what they told me. The good thing is that I will be practicing my Spanish a lot more again it is surprising how much I lost in a transfer, this makes what Preach My Gospel says about continuing to practice and master the languages you learn in your mission because it will serve you and the church in the future. Therefore to all you exmissionaries- (Jacob) don't stop practicing. 

     This past week we had the chance to work with Elder Harding and Elder Hall and they helped me realize more the importance of the message that we have- that we can't take no for an answer because if they don't accept this message here they can't make it to the Celestial Kingdom. Sometimes we lose the vision of the importance of what we have already and what we are suppose to do with it. We are here in the Kingdom of God on the earth already, and when we lose that vision, people perish. Whether it is ourselves or those around us- because of us. 
     Reading in the Conference talks I just read about a Scott who realizes this- and acts accordingly. 

Thank you for your examples, prayers, letters, wishes, and testimonies.

Have a Wonderful day- because it's your choice
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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