Monday, September 3, 2012

Mission Chile Antofagasta Olympics have finished up.

Our Zone won which has been an awesome experience working together for it. I´ll attach the results. 
 September is a really big month here and I will explain more in a future week. But as the 1st rolled around I played Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit for the first time in Chile. Elder Marroquín didn´t understand. 
 My thoughts and studies of this past week have been focus more in the Atonement. As I read through some talks the quote from Preach My Gospel that says that as we learn more and understand the Atonement we will have a stronger desire to share the Gospel. (PMG P. 2) The desire grows more and the importance of these things in our life becomes more secure. 
Enos showed that we need to be worth and be secure ourselves first; however we don´t receive a unshakable faith until after we have worried for our fellowman. The blessing will come, stay strong we have the promise that we will prosper. 
 Sunday we had the daylight savings happen and Chile slept less, we had no idea that the hour would change until our last appointment Saturday night which was very lucky because otherwise we would have shown up to church an hour late. 
 I taught the Gospel Principles class and spoke about agency, and it helped me realize the importance of it in our lives that Christ, and all of us, defended and fought with our brothers for agency. 
 Last we met a family who has a foreign exchange student from Minnesota- cannot remember her name however it was nice to talk in English with her for a little bit. 
 Speaking of names- names are extremely important I have learned, and have been trying to remember them more because Christ remember the name of Joseph, a 14 year old non educated teenager, don´t we have more reason to remember the names of our neighbor´s? 
 Love you all. Thank you for your support and prayers
 Have a Wonderful day- Because you can choose to
    Elder James O. Gillespie

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