Monday, September 24, 2012

24 de Septiembre

Well still turned around in the sector- my compass inside of me tells me that this way is north and then I think about it in relation with the sun and it doesn´t make sense. Without the ocean near by it throws me more off. It´s a big sector last transfer it had 4 missionaries and now we are down to Elder Gonzalez and I so we´ve been trying to get in contact with all of the investigators and less actives that the other missionaries worked with as well as continue working with ours. 
This last week our ward sent a missionary off to Buenos Aries Argentina, making our ward Oasis having 5 missionaries in the field right now, and with one more going to Peru in October. I enjoy watching new missionaries come in/leave and think about how much greater of a work they have infront of them, and what they shall accomplish. 
Independence day in Chile consisted of a lot of meat, one of the few days here in Chile I couldn´t eat more. People just kept giving and giving, it was quite a challenge. The streets were filled with grills, smoke, and flags. (What I didn´t know until the night before is if you don´t have a flag out you can be ticketed, so luckly we found a flag) 
Another tradition that appeared during the season, has been a toy top, however you use a string to wrap it up and then throw it and it spins like a top, and then people pick it up while it spins. Some people are really impressive and I´ll send a video in the future when I have a computer here with a card reader. 
 So as people ask me what are differences between the states and Chile I really don´t know what to say because the food isn´t the different...they speak a different language that´s different, but that doesn´t seem to satisfy the persons want to know what is different- so as I´ve been thinking one thing that is different, (haven´t seen in Calama but in Arica) people drive around, like an icecream truck, and sell eggs, and others sell fruit, and some people just walk the streets shouting that they will buy your bad car batteries. Kind of different. But I haven´t seen an icecream truck. 
 Well a member from Diego Portales just sent me some of their photos from my birthday so I´ll throw them up as well. 

 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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