Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch, Transfers, Bautismo

So our Zone this past Saturday had the change to eat lunch with Pres. Bruce and Sis. Bruce because we won the Olympics so we all went to an Italian resturant called Dimango´s It was delicious, a nice moment to relax and just listen to people talk and tell stories. Also Saturday nights are when the assistants call to tell us of our transfers, however when President showed up he asked if we wanted to know and of course everyone said "Yes!" or "¡Sí!" and so President told us all and only four people are leaving from the zone which is probably the smallest transfer I´ve seen in a zone. One of which is me. However they couldn´t remember where I will go, or my companion.
     Right after Lunch Elder Marroquín and I took off to the chapel to finish cleaning it up and filling the font because we had a baptism of Camila Quisbert Ticona.
So here´s a basic run down of the story: Humbertiña Ticona had not come to church for about 14 years because when she got married her husband did not like the church at all and with time she stopped trying to come at all. After some more time Tiña and her husband separate.  About 4 years ago her nephew Marco Chuyo and his wife Angelica Muñoz baptize themselves. A month ago Angelica completed another year of life, and invited us to come and celebrate it with her. Elder Marroquín and I went and enjoyed talking with different members that had come as well and some of the family of Angelica and Marco. I met and obtained the address of Humbertiña. Few days later we pass by in the "Precioso momento" as she told us for us to share a scripture with her. Had a 7 minute lesson and she told us that she could come back to church now however needed one more week to organize her work. A week later we visit her again and meet her 13 year old daughter Camila. We continue to teach and decide that Camila needs to be baptized. So we set the date and Saturday we had a nice baptism without too many problems. Just had a hard time setting the hour that she could get batized. However, it all worked out, (see photo)
     After all is said and done the Assistents call and inform me that I´m leaving to Calama which all I hear is that it is cold cold cold. So pull back out the coat and jackets and I will be with Elder Gonzalez from Argentina and the sector just went form a 4 missionary sector to a 2 so we will run form appointment to appointment. I leave from Arica at 8:50 tonight
The other two photos are of the zone at our last zone meeting and of a family here in Diego Portales that has been very supportive.
Have a Wonderful day- Because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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