Monday, October 15, 2012

E-mail from Elder Gillespie

     This morning we had a wonderful opportunity to see off Hector Gallardo who is now a missionary in Lima East Peru mission. He has helped us out here a lot in our ward.   Half the ward was in the airport to see him off, it was a fun experience and we will miss him however; he will do great work in Peru. Then after we left the airport and today is another holiday/three day weekend so we all went to the church and played soccer. The altitude here destroyed Elder Gonzalez and I just have a hard time getting really into baby soccer, as it´s called, when you play soccer on a field that is the same size as a basketball court. My feet are just so uncoordinated. Apparently all that dancing didn´t really transfer into kicking a ball around. 
     In other good news Giselle Lopez was baptized and confirmed this weekend, defiantly the smoothest baptism I´ve had. With the help of the Elders from Acostan just worked out really well. More hands the better right? This upcoming weekend we have Norma and Antonia Contreras that will baptism themselves. I am preoccupied for Norma though, so keep her in your prayers this week. 
     I met yesterday an exmissionary who served in Los Angels California, she speaks wonderful English. (I´m not sure I´ve said this before, that Elder Gonzalez speaks wonderful English) So yesterday we had a lesson in Spanigles I enjoyed it wonderfully, much easier for me to speak. 
     The transfers and weeks and months just keep flying by. This Saturday we will know transfers, (I´m guessing I´m staying) we have interviews with President this week. Who knows what is going to come. 
 Well thank you for your support
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie
 P.S. if you send me a DearElder please put the date on it.

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