Monday, October 29, 2012

Nice to hear from you

So just one quick story about my comment last week about water heaters: so I was with Elder Shields for the day of Transfers before his companion came and I mentioned about the water heaters and he informed me I was wrong. Pointed to the roof of a few homes and many people here have solar waterheaters that either were made to be solar WH or that the people that live in the home just put together and made it work. So I stand corrected now. 
 Will good news that we have four missionaries in our sector again. Elder Herbert from Orem UT, his mom is from Equador who will finish his mission this transfer, Elder Rivas from Virginia however his parents are from El Salvador, and Elder Marthell from Honduras which makes me the only full gringo in the pension. Elder Rivas and Elder Herbert have just searching and searching for people this week, with about 400 contacts which is the highest I´ve ever heard in a week. 
 This week was ward conference which here means they have activities all week long, and we were in charge of one on Thursday and for the short notice we had it went fairly well, I made chocolate no bake cookies for the activity, had a good amount of people show up.
 The most exciting thing that happened this week was that he had the change to go witness the Wedding of Alonzo Pastén and Maria Vega Friday morning I´ve never seen a wedding before and it wasn´t very thrilling of an activity to attend but at the same time it was one of the most exciting things ever to see. Alonzo was a menosactivo who has been reactivating and amazing to see the difference in him.
 When Elder Rodriguez and Elder Vallece (here before) found him he had piercings everywhere, drank, smoked and convivia however now we are just still working getting rid of the cigarette, and he reads and prays everyday. 
 Time to go
 Have a Wonderfulday
Elder Gillespie

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