Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

It was a great Cinco de Mayo here in the Stake La Portada we had 9 baptisms and confirmations one here in Mejillones, Ali Chavez Perlata baptized and confirmed which was a bit of a miracle that happened. 
     Saturday we were walking to the church together with Alí and talking about the what was going to happen during the service etc. and she informed us that the Sunday she would have to go to Antofagasta in the morning and will not be able to go to church it just caught me off guard, I knew there would be some kind of opposition because every baptism has them and so I was mentally prepared to take on any challenge for the baptism but the confirmation no....
     So Elder Miranda and I were trying to decided if we baptize her that day and confirm her next week or we wait for a week so she will be baptized and confirmed the next week, in the end we decided to go ahead with the baptizm because everything was already all set and it was a nice small service and of course we tried everything we could to not have her go to Antofagasta the next day. 
     We concluded that the confirmation will have to be next week. In the morning as I was finishing up a few details for Primary I just kept feeling that we would need to go get Alí, (who had supposedly left at 8 in the morning) so we said our prayer to part and as I spoke I asked for a miracle that she would come, and the words of Elder Lucero came back to me, "maybe God is waiting for a miracle from us" so we went to get some investigators and then went to the home of Alí and there she was, her father had to work and so they were not going to go to Antofagasta that day. So she came and was confirmed, and now, because it is also transfers, I will be leaving to Copiapo to open the ward Copayapu with Elder Suarez (I don't know who he is)  but I take off tonight at one and Elder Parker is my Zone leader! Yahoo!
 I feel good about my efforts here in Mejillones, and animated to go to Copiapo. 
 Elder Hewstone and Elder Marthell both are finishing their missiones today and I had the chance to talk with them both a bit by phone, they are both great missionaries who taught me a lot and I am thankful for their service. 
 Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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