Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stake Conference

Monday April 29, 2013

It was a good experience to have of leadership, searching out investigators, planning, organizing, learning to over come trials and we had a good results. 

This week I will have been here in Mejillones for 5 months, making it be the longest time in one sector with the least amount of companions for that amount of time. Having 3 haircuts during my time here which is more than anyother sector (one being today) and teaching more classes than in any other branch or ward of before...I think I have taught more sunday classes, and given more talks here in Mejillones than in the Northridge 2nd ward. Good times

Anyways back to the week that has passed by already. 

Wednesday in our house the electricity went out...:(...right after we got back from our morning trot, and in the house they got it back for all of the rooms expect ours, the bathroom and the room above us, until Saturday morning are room became more and more messy...we couldn't see our stuff. But we have light again. 

Thursday we were making our way to the church to do our weekly planning session and we saw some youth outside of the church fence messing with the lock and then to my bigger surprise they opened the gate. and moved in, I started to run to stop them because they were not youth of the church here in Mejillones, and then I discovered they were painters that had been highered to paint the outside of the church. So after that little panic attack I discovered all was well. 
Friday we had an activity were we played Disney's "Sinceit" good game for all ages. =) 

Saturday we went to go invite everyone to church for the next day because it was stake conference and we had reserved a bus to take us, and I did not want to see that bus go to Antofagasta empty. Plus it was Daylight savings time so we slept an hour more Saturday night. 

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Sunday we filled this bus with 35 members and nonmember of the church to go to Antofagasta and watch the Stake Conference with Elder Herrena (or something similar) Elder Miranda and I did divisions with to Priests of the ward to get everyone there, and it was disappointing at some homes and really exciting at others to have people come out and go. 

Afterwords I was taking with Hno. Novoa who has lived here in Mejillones since the church arrived and he told me they have never had so many people go to stake conference before, he was quite excited. 

Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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