Monday, May 6, 2013

Round Two

I looked at the pictures and I remember a couple things I wanted to say:
One: I had Ranch sauce last week and it was sooo good

Two: I also ate crab- didn't enjoy the taste that much but it was fun to open them and break them apart

Three: This is Elder Hales, he is my Zone Leader and an Angel 

Four: These are the Mejillones missionary dogs, they follow us everyday and wait for times they make tracting difficult as they begin to fight with other dogs. I gave the names Rex to the black on and Vaca to the White and Black one, (The names change constanly) 

Five: Zone picture of La Portada minus the Sister missionaries. 

Six: we had a FHE and they wanted to play a game and they didn't know of one so I came up with Nertz (the first time I have played nertz in a very long time) and they all loved it and everytime we are there they want to play again. Good games

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