Monday, April 2, 2012

5 months already whoa.

Time is flying, and it is transfers this week. I´m staying in Pozo Almonte and Elder Hewstone is taking off to Antofagasta. I will be with Elder Rojas, who I don´t know but he´ll be here tomorrow morning. We also have a new Zone Leader, Elder Harding, who was my Zone Leader in Arica and it was fantastic to see him again, and I have a lot of animo to work with him again. 

     We had a baptism yesterday, Sebastian, 9 years old baptized by his older brother Nicolas, who was just barely ordained as a Priest. We had a nice turn up of people and ate cake afterwords. However before the baptism we had to prepare the font and so on Saturday Elder Hewstone and I went to open and fill the font and create the program. We tried our key to open and it didn´t work...we tried all the keys in the office (about 40) and none worked. Lame. So we prayed that we would be able to open this door, so we open the font from the other side, where people watch, (that side doesn´t have/need a key) and I slip in. Now also this door is locked with handle and deadbolt. From the inside you can just twist the handle and the handle unlocks but the deadbolt is keyed on both sides however the inside cover is gone. After several minutes of playing with it and using a pen to poke at different parts, I figured out how to unlock the door. it was good

Well got to run

Have a Wonderful day- because you can choose too. 

Elder James O. Gillespie

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