Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

The time difference between Chile and Utah is 5 hours so conference started at 1:00. To listen to the words of the prophets in Spanish helped me to realize how little I really know, and I´m excited to receive the Liahona next month in English. 

The start of this week I worked with Elder Mikesell in the ward Lynch (I think that´s how it´s spelled) as we waited for our companions to arrive. He and I have the same amount of time in the mission so we had a blast talking to people, and I was grateful as how great his Spanish is. 
Elder Rojas arrived Tuesday morning, and we went to work. It has been an interesting feeling to know where the people live and their names and my companion not knowing. However we are doing great- I´ve practiced Spanish a lot more this week as Elder Rojas doesn´t know any English and Elder Hewstone does. (I didn´t realize how much we talked in English,(a lot)) 
Elder Rojas comes from Paraguay has 6 months in the mission in total. He is just a little shorter than I am- which means that he is a lot taller than most of the people in Chile. 

Well sleep is a treat enjoy it throughly

Thank you Mom for keeping the blog updated

Thank you all for your prayers, testimonies, and scripture study (which we´re all doing right? Right =) )

Hope you enjoyed conference

and last of all

Have a Wonderful day - Because you can choose to =)

Elder James O. Gillespie 

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