Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Week in Chile

Crazy that another week has past. 
     The biggest story really is that President and Sister Dalton came down to Copiapo and presented themselves, and we each had a 3 minute interview with him. It wasn't really what I thought it would be but we continue onwards. 
      On Saturday we were doing contacts trying to find new people, and a man named Diego leaves his home and we convince him to let us in. As we continue talking and we enter his home we discover that his appearance is deceiving, I believed he was about 22 and come to find out that he is 17. So we continue talking and he has a friend there in the living room so we invite him as well and discover that he is a member from another ward here in Copiapo. So we have an improv lesson with member present, well we share a very quick lesson and Diego's mother arrives and when she sees us she has a face of shock, fear, confusion, and many other emotions all together, basicly saying with her face, "What are you doing in my home?" So we talk with her and then win her confience and they accepted a return date but not until August because it is Winter Break here so they are going south but we are excited for this family in the future. 
 Thanks for reading - and going to church
 Have a Wonderful day- becuase you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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