Monday, July 29, 2013

As July Comes to a Close

     August begins with some transfer calls. Which in the end nothing happened. In general in the mission there were very few transfers. We had a total of 5 in the Zone one of which was Elder Rivas going home to finish his mission. Two Sisters left our district and two Elders from the other district. Not very much change that we expected. 
     Last Tuesday as we were walking to an appointment we turned a corner that there was a dumpster that someone had set on fire. Lame, a women near by was filling a bucket of water to throw it on the fire but she did not have the strength to do so. Elder McCaskill and I came and threw the bucket of water on the fire and we almost had it out when the garbage truck with water came to spray it out. So that's when I took the picture. Kind of a sad story that they would set it on fire.
     We made some cheese empandas this week which are like hot pockets just fried and homemade instead and it worked out pretty well. Cheese empandas I would have to say is probably my favorite Chile has got to offer. Really simple but good, because we just loaded it with cheese, like we bought a kilo and a half of cheese. 
     Friday we had an activity in the church as a ward and we played Jeopardy. It was fun even though not to many people came because it was raining and the north of Chile just shuts down if it rains just a little. Milenka Campos who was playing had the question from books of the Old Testament, "a book that is full of songs and poems" snatched the roll of tape you had to have to answer and shouted very excitedly, "The Hymn book!" and everyone died laughing. But then she got it afterwords.
     In other news it's Elder McCaskill's Father's birthday today- so if you run into him in Canada just tell him happy birthday. 
 Welp time to go get a haircut. 
Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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