Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada day! and tomorrow 20 months in the mission Thursday the 4th of July, what a great week.

What an exciting week. President Bruce has left and President Dalton has arrived...which until the moment nothing has happened that I have seen or felt, Elder McCaskill and I were talking about it this morning and we believe that we really won't feel much of any difference for a while. 
 On Sunday we had a surprise we arrived to church and there were several people that I did not recognize from before and so I went and talked with one man that was by himself and asked him where he is from, thinking he would say, Santiago, Antofagasta, or some city just passing through and then he told me that he was from the Branch Copiapo, (the branch next to us) so my thoughts became, ok he is on the sumo consejo or stake something that he is here on assignment for the day. Then I went to the next family and asked them and they informed me that they as well are from the Branch. and next and next...and I was a little confuzed but alright whatever, and all the Stake Presidency was also present so the meeting begins and the Stake President, President Diaz reads a card from the First Presidency that the Branch Copiapo and the Ward Copayapu shall be one that the branch is being closed. It was a bit of a shock but it happened so now we are a much bigger ward and we have 4 missionaries. 
 Also on Sunday we only had Sacrament meeting because Chile had there primary elections and so as we we began to sing the closing song a member came up to us and told us there was an investagor waiting outside that wanted to speak with us. So we go ouside and meet Carlos who Sister Burk had taught the year before and he wanted to retake the lessons so we taught him right there and then in the Church. Cool guy and it will be some work but he will become a member. 
 On Friday we helped a family move homes it was fun. I enjoy that kind of work a lot. 
 This is a picture of Elder McCaskill as the little daughter of the family we ate lunch with on Sunday put her clothes on him. 
 Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

MisiĆ³n Chile Antofagasta
Nov 2011- Nov 2013

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