Monday, July 22, 2013

Saludos de Chile

Well what a special day it is today. It's Monday July 22nd. 
     Quick adventures of the week, My companion yesterday became a fruit ninja and cut an orange in half with a knife as it flew threw the air. Quite impressive as the knife was not very sharp at all, but it worked out. 
     On Saturday Night we were visiting a family and some friends came over of the oldest daughter, Sofia, who lives at home so they all came and said, Hi and then disappeared into the bedroom of Sofia when we finished the visit and prepared to leave I invited all of the friends to church the next morning, and then one came out of the four! Yes! best surprise ever! Her name is Maria Jose and so we have an appointment with her tonight. 
     Thursday Elder Cabera came and worked with me and it was quite fun to work with him and have his very happy spirit so excited for the work all the time, and plus we found a family, an actual family, the parents are married which is a very uncommon thing here in Chile but it sure makes our work a lot easier. So hopefully they will progress, it will be a little hard to find them all again because he works in the military so he has rough hours. 
     This upcoming Friday we are going to have a ward activity and play scripture Jeopardy so we are excited in the planning for that. 
      And last but not least, our church here in Copiapo is freezing so we brought an electric heater from the apartment so that our Gospel Principles class would actually be warm, and then afterwords the Relief Society kept in the room and later Jocelyn informed us that all of the Sisters huddled near by the heater so they wouldn't be so cold. 
     So time keeps going by so fast. This up coming weekend is transfers so we'll see what goes down. 
 Have a Wonderful day - because you can choose to
     Elder James O. Gillespie

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